Puppy Mills – Oliver

Oliver was born to a mother who never had a name. She was kept in confinement, never knowing the comforts of a real home and bred continuously in order to supply “inventory” for puppy stores. When Oliver was 8 weeks old, he was shipped to a retail outlet to “fill an order.”

A combination of poodle and cocker spaniel, Oliver was marketed as a “cockapoo,” a trendy name designed to make consumers smile – and ultimately purchase – mixed breed dogs who might otherwise be passed over as mutts.

Oliver did not sell right away, so he was “marked down.” By now, he had spent almost 5 months in a crate. The well-meaning woman who purchased Oliver was unaware of the time commitment required to care for him. She worked all day; he remained confined to his crate. She recognized that this was no life for Oliver, but as she had been told at the puppy store, his sale was “final.”

Fortunately, Oliver’s guardian cared enough to contact LIDA Rescue. LIDA volunteers took Oliver into a loving foster home for evaluation, and carefully reviewed applications for his adoption. Just a month after his first birthday, Oliver was placed in a loving home. He is truly one of the lucky ones.

LIDA’s efforts

LIDA is committed to making the public aware that each purchase of that “cute puppy in the window” directly supports an inherently cruel industry resulting in the suffering of both the puppies for sale and the breeding stock. In an effort to eliminate the wholesale market for “puppy mill” puppies, LIDA attorneys continue to bring actions against pet stores selling these animals. By forcing store owners to live up to their legal responsibilities to consumers and to the animals in their care, it is LIDA’s goal that the stores will cease to be financially viable and will be forced to close. For more information on the horrors of puppy mills and the ongoing efforts to end their existence, see www.njcapsa.org.

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