Make a Donation

LIDA cooperating attorneys work on a pro bono or reduced fee basis but they cannot afford to absorb the out-of-pocket costs of defense which often total in the thousands of dollars. Death is often the fate of those animals whose guardians cannot afford to mount a defense. For these animals your donation helps to defray legal fees and costs and provides their only hope for life.

Your contributions to the LIDA Right To Counsel campaign will help:
  1. Provide a lawyer to represent the
    interest of every animal facing loss of
    life or significant loss of liberty.
  2. Balance the scales of justice by
    providing money for experts,
    investigators, and court costs.
  3. Counter intimidation with education -
    educating guardians as to their rights and responsibilities.
  4. Ensure that LIDA's victories translate into
    lives saved
    - providing the financial resources to implement court orders and negotiated settlements, medical expenses, and to support LIDA rescue.
Please give generously.

Contribute to the Right to Counsel Campaign: The right to counsel belongs to all of us. If having an attorney can mean the difference between life and death, having a home or being homeless, being cared for or fending for yourself, then attorneys must be accessible to all. Help the Lawyers In Defense of Animals provide legal counsel where none exists.

You can lend your financial support at any level in several ways:
  • Donate online now! Use our Secure Online Donation Form.
  • Mail a check. Print and fill out our Donor Form (PDF) and mail it to us with your enclosed check.
  • Name Lawyers In Defense of Animals as a beneficiary in your will. Include the line, "I give, devise and bequeath the sum of $_____ To Lawyers in Defense of Animals, Inc (LIDA) at 98 Washington Street, Morristown, NJ 07960."
  • Contribute through workplace giving programs. LIDA Number: 56-2489411. Have your employer contact us for further information.
Initial contributions will be applied to LIDA's home state of New Jersey. When sufficient funds are raised to enable us to do so we will broaden our reach to achieve a national impact.

Disclosure Statement: Lawyers In Defense of Animals is a charitable organization designated as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). Documents and information under the State of New Jersey 562-489-411/000.