"If only the waifs, the strays, the sick, the abused would be sure to get entrance to the home, and anybody could feel at liberty to bring in a starved or ill-treated animal and have it cared for without pay, my object would be attained."
Ellen M Gifford
Sheltering Home For Animals, Boston, 1884
LIDA has always relied on a network of volunteers within the rescue and placement communities to help when animals need rehoming. To that end, the need for a non-lawyer volunteer to serve as liaison was identified as being the most efficient way to serve the animals who utilize our services. In April of 2006, a Rescue Liaison became part of the LIDA team.

Our Rescue Liaison will assist the client, whenever possible, in complying with the outcome of any legal actions. This may include exploring options for placement of the animals, or by utilizing contacts to improve care and living conditions. The Rescue Liaison strives to take the best actions for the animals within her assignment within the parameters set by any legal mandate.

LIDA does not have a facility and it is incumbent on the human clients involved in each matter to assist actively to assure the best outcome for the animals. The Rescue Liaison's role is to facilitate. With patience and cooperation a satisfactory outcome is almost always guaranteed.

We recognize that by the time a client contacts LIDA, a matter is often at a critical stage, with time being of the essence. Approaching a solution in an organized manner is required for a positive outcome. Our Rescue Liaison is in a position to be objective, and comes to us with field experience in rescue/placement.

Foster homes are needed for LIDA to maximize successful placements. If you are interested in being a foster home please contact Foster homes may be short-term or ongoing. If you wish to adopt a LIDA animal, see our website at The more resources we have, the more animals we can serve.