Every animal rescue and adoption
is important in its own right...

However, some also serve as poignant reminders of the ongoing need for LIDA to do battle in the legal arena. Oliver inspires us to continue to file lawsuits against pet stores that sell puppy mill puppies. Francis motivates our legal team to fight to end breed discrimination, and Willow reminds us of the importance of protecting feral1 cat colonies. Following are their stories, along with a summary of LIDA’s ongoing efforts in these areas.

1. The term “feral” is not a term of art. It has become a catch-all phrase when referring to a cat who is without a traditional home. Feral cats are wary of and do not readily permit handling by humans. With time and patience, however, some will acclimate to a home environment and will grow to permit handling while others will not. None are ever aggressive to humans and while they do not permit handling most develop non tactical modes of interacting with the colony caretaker.