Breed Discrimination – Francis

Francis was six months old when he was found by Animal Control wandering the streets of a small New Jersey town. He was dirty and looked to be in bad shape, with open, bleeding wounds and his fur falling off in patches. He was extremely shy and trembled with fear at the slightest noise or movement. In addition, he clearly had never walked on a leash and was not housetrained. What had this courageous animal been through? One could only imagine.

LIDA soon found him a loving family. They gave him a soothing tub bath, dressed his wounds, and provided nutritious food; within hours of his arrival he began to flourish. He learned to walk on a leash shortly thereafter and within days was completely housetrained. As you can see, he sleeps safely now, and in his waking hours brings comfort and joy to his new guardians.

LIDA’s efforts

Francis is a pit bull, a breed that has suffered unwarranted bias due to sensationalized media headlines. The breed’s undeservedly negative public image has led to the killing of otherwise loving canine companions. Some municipalities have gone so far as to enact breed specific legislation that regulates or prohibits certain breeds regardless of the behavior of individual animals.

LIDA condemns breed specific legislation of any kind and is committed to advocating for the rights of all companion animal breeds. This includes bringing civil action against municipalities and individuals who confiscate or kill animals based solely on breed. LIDA advocates against any existing or proposed breed specific legislation advised that you seek legal counsel if any governmental entity or official is threatening to take or has taken adverse action with regard to your dog. An animal law attorney can advise you what will best protect your dog in any given situation.

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